Test dei progressi o del livello di conoscenza della lingua

A test and a personal introduction

Traduci per iscritto questo test, ascolta l’audio, prima leggendo, poi senza leggere, finché capisci il più possibile. Sentire la mia voce sarà noioso, ma apprendere le parole e comprenderle emozionante e gratificante: quindi ne vale la pena.

Buon ascolto.

Audio parlato lentamente

Audio a velocità naturale

I am Giuseppe Guarino. If you study my lessons, I am your online English teacher.

It is a pleasure for me to teach English. I hope my lessons will help a lot of people learn or improve their English.

I do not expect you to understand everything I am saying here easily. But, I am sure, in time, if you continue to study, practice … and study, and practice … you will understand more and more. In the end, hopefully by the end of this course of study, you will come back to this lesson and easily understand everything.

For those interested in knowing more about me I will give you some information. 

I was born in Catania, July 24, 1968. I am married, I have two children, two boys. As you may have already noticed, I designed this website to publish and advertise my religious writings. At a certain time I decided to give English lessons, too. This is why you have these lessons posted here.

Feel free to contact me at guarinous@yahoo.com. Feel free to visit all the pages of my website. If you are studying English I suggest you visit the English section of the site.


Basically, I learned English by myself. This is why I strongly believe the best way to learn a language is:

  • LISTEN TO SONGS – if you like music

Very rarely anything worth something in life is achieved without commitment and sacrifice. It is true of languages too.

God bless the time you dedicate to your study and personal improvement. It is not wasted time.

Your Truly,

Giuseppe Guarino



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